5 Secrets to Selling Your Home #2

   Paint sample         Secret # 2- Fresh Paint!!!!


First impressions are key when selling your home. When a prospective buyer walks through your home you want them to feel that it is welcoming and fresh, the last thing that they want to see is walls with scuff marks, dirt and faded spots. It can make the home feel “worn”.  Worn may seem a bit harsh, I am sure that you have spent many years raising a family in this home so I will use the term ” well loved” .

We all have different taste, what I like in my home is not necessarily  what you would choose for your home. When a prospective buyer walks through your home you want them to imagine themselves living there, raising their family. If you have bright bold colors or colors that are not consider a “normal” color this may turn off some buyers.  Time to start thinking about going neutral! Choosing a neutral color can be appealing to most buyers, it can easily go with most décor and buyers can imagine what their furniture will look like, rather that seeing a bright blue wall and trying to imagine how their orange couch (it’s a stretch but you get where I am going with this) is going to look.

Another advantage to painting is if you have a small room, choosing the right color could make the room appear larger. Same goes for the kitchen if you have a smaller kitchen area. A fresh coat of paint is an easy, not too expensive weekend project OR Hedstrom & Stamm Home Solutions can assist you with our Home Ready Program!

Once you have slapped on that fresh coat of paint then prospective buyers can imagine living there making new memories with their family.

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Tune in tomorrow for Secret # 3!!!

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