5 Secrets to Selling Your Home #3

       carpetSecret # 3 – Get your floors and carpet clean!


When a buyer is touring your home you want them thinking about how they could imagine themselves living there. As they are walking from room to room imagining how they would decorate or how awesome a certain area is for entertaining but the last thing you want them focusing on is the big stain in the middle of the floor or the line of dirt from the front door to the back door. The stain may  be a insignificant to you, you may have lived with it for years and barely notice it. However, for a potential buyer, it can stick out and may take away from the buying experience.

You want the buyer to walk through your home thinking this could be the one!  The more they walk around, the more they love it, the more they are more are willing to pay and the faster they will make an offer.


So, take the time to clean the floors. Polish and resurface wooden floors, get the carpets professionally cleaned and get the tile grout taken care of. If there are trouble spots that will not go away, consider replacing the carpets.


Check back in tomorrow for Secret #4!!!


Have a fabulous day!

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