5 Secrets to Selling Your Home #5

Clean           #5 Cleaning and Fixing!


Now that you have de-clutter it is time to clean! Attention to detail is key when selling your home. When a prospect is touring your home they will notice everything. You want to make sure that you pay attention to the smalls things that can deter a buyer.  Break out the screw drivers and cleaning supplies, its time to get to work!

Get a screw driver and go around and make sure all knobs, hinges and handles are secure. Have a loose cabinet in the kitchen? Tighten that baby up! It may not bother you but this will be something a buyer will look at. Replace all lights bulbs, make sure that there is plenty of light when someone is touring your home, they want to feel bright and cheery when walking into a room.

Clean all windows and window tracks, don’t forget about the cobwebs that collect in the corner of the windows. You want that beautiful sunlight coming in  when they are there not hand prints from the little ones or nose prints from the dogs. DUST, DUST, DUST, especially if you have animals. Get under furniture, the refrigerator anywhere that the hair can go! A/C vents is a biggie, take them down and wash them up.  Before every showing do a quick dust before they come over. This may seem like a lot of work and it is, but in a competitive market it is imperative to make a good first impression. You can always hire a cleaning service at a reasonable rate to come in and help with the initial clean. After that, it is just maintenance and could be less overwhelming for you.


Don’t forget about the outside! Clean up the lawn and shrubs, get rid of weeds, make the outside as beautiful as the inside. Cleaning up the yard is just as important as the inside. This is the first thing a prospect sees when arriving at your home. You want to pay attention to everything when you are selling your home, I guarantee that buyers are.


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