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Going to Aquatica was so much fun this weekend. At first, when you go, you may get a little overwhelmed. The reason is because when driving, Seaworld, Discovery Cove, and Aquatica are all in the same general area.

Don’t worry though, Aquatica is your last entrance coming.

Aquatica’s parking is $12 per day. If you have a season pass, it is free. The parking is so easy, and we had no problems walking to the front of the park.

When you go, make sure to focus on the signs on what you can bring inside of the park food wise. Click here for their guidelines. Look under outside food policy. I just brought small snacks like clementines, string cheese, and bottled water. Sandwiches, and full bags of chips, etc., are not allowed, so be prepared to spend around $10-$20 per person on meals.

When you first walk in, you can already feel the liveliliness from the beautiful tropical colors.

Aquatica duckThere are a a bunch of water slides and rides for all ages including ones were you can see dolphins swimming, or and ones where you can just swish through the water. You can chill in the lazy river, or at their wave pool/beach, or my favorite is the roaring rapids.




rapidHere is a picture of my favorite ride, Roa’s Rapids. Make sure to put the life jacket on because that makes it fun because you just float in the direction that the current takes you.





brightDont forget your camera when you are not in the water, there are lots of fun pictures to be taken.





When you are ready to eat here are two of three options for you:


This is an all day buffet for one price of $15/person.  In my opinion, there is not really any healthy options. It includes salads with dressing, potato salad, pizza, baked chicken, hot dogs, macaroni and cheese, puddings, water melon and soda. The kids surely will like it.



WaterstoneWaterstone Grill has plated options like burgers, chicken nuggets, and wraps. both are about the same price.  The last option is like a 7-11 type of thing where you pick what you want like salad, sandwiches, wraps. They are located in their fridge, and you can take them and eat them anywhere in the park.





All in all this was a wonderful experience. I really loved that I could take advantage of the 5 year anniversary special that was offered for a weekend this month for Florida residents. That was definitely a once in a lifetime experience. I would say that the best bang for your buck would be a season pass. That way, one can

take advantage of perks such as free parking, discount dining, and unlimited entrance. If that is not possible, just definitely make sure to take a trip to the water park, and you will feel happy and refreshed.

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