About Toni Hedstrom

I am one half of Hedstrom & Stamm Home Solutions, a dynamic real estate team with emphasis on home marketing utilizing our exclusive Home Ready Program.

Has Waiting for your New Home to be Built made you Homeless?

The Challenge So you are having a home built, a monumental feat. First, you had to sell your home and, where does that leave YOU? This is a common dilemma – the period of time between selling your current home and closing on your new home. Where do you stay? What do you do with […]

Pam Smith, Closing Manager

Pam Smith Owner, Closing Connections ClosingManager123@gmail.com Pam Smith is the owner of Closing Connections, a closing servicing company for Agents around the Greater Tampa area.        Pam Smith has become a crucial part of Hedstrom & Stamm Home Solutions success. Toni and Selena know that when their Client goes ‘Under Contract’ they are […]

Susan Newman, Social Media & Marketing

Susan Newman Marketing and Social Media Expert (Former Client) snewmantampa@gmail.com   Susan Newman is a consultant and friend to Hedstrom & Stamm Home Solutions, LLC. After retiring from the television industry with nearly 30-years under her belt, Susan chose to focus on her passions of piano, gardening, and helping others with the new and evolving […]

Selena Stamm REALTOR, Owner

Selena Stamm REALTOR®, Owner SelenaStamm@TampaHome360.com Direct Line: 863-669-3825 Selena Stamm is part owner of Hedstrom & Stamm Home Solutions, LLC, an innovative real estate partnership in the Greater Tampa area.      Selena was born in Fallbrook, CA, at the age of 14, she moved to Bremerton, WA. While living in the Pacific Northwest, she […]

Toni Hedstrom REALTOR, Owner

Toni Hedstrom REALTOR®, ePRO®, Owner ToniHedstrom@TampaHome360.com Direct Line: 813-830-8664 Toni Hedstrom is part owner of Hedstrom & Stamm Home Solutions, LLC, an innovative real estate partnership located in the Greater Tampa area.    Toni is a born salesman and hard worker. Being a single parent, she knew it would take more than ‘blood, sweat, and […]

Land O’ Lakes home has a lakefront view on Seven Seas!

This latest listing at 3692 Seven Seas in the Concord Station Community in Land O’Lakes is a must see with all the peaceful, serene living that comes with the beauty of waterfront living.

Didn’t Find a Hatchimal? That’s Great – Here’s Why

Big Fail or Big Opportunity So you didn’t get your hands on a Hatchimal this year. Does this mean you love your kids/grandkids any less than those who did? Does this mean Santa Claus doesn’t care about your child because they didn’t get one under the tree? One woman said, “My kids won’t have a […]

Toni’s Interview with Christina Lloyd and the Lloyd Family of Lutz

Summary Toni has lived in Lutz since the summer of 2010 – and she will never forget the first Christmas and the amazing light show at the intersection of Newberger and Livingston. Every year, it is something that she and likely many others in Lutz look forward to – the Livingston Light Show at the […]

Toni’s Interview with Kristin Cunningham, Owner Girl and a Globe

Summary A Girl and a Globe is an amazing concept that takes travel “Off the Grid” with thinking and planning that is certainly “Outside the Box”. Kristin’s vision was to create a travel company for women, offering immersive small group tours, active adventures, personalized itineraries and retreat planning services. We were so excited, interested, and […]