For Sale: Conservation Beauty in Concord Station

This 6-Bedroom, 3-bath home is in Concord Station in Land O Lakes.  It is  on one of the nicest lots we have seen! The home was built in 2013 with 3889 square feet.

5 Secrets to Selling Your Home #4

              Secret # 4- Get rid of clutter!   Let’s face it, we all have a special place in our homes where we like to collect “junk”. After time, it seems that the “junk” area has grown into a small room and possibly has made it’s way to the […]

5 Secrets to Selling Your Home #2

            Secret # 2- Fresh Paint!!!!   First impressions are key when selling your home. When a prospective buyer walks through your home you want them to feel that it is welcoming and fresh, the last thing that they want to see is walls with scuff marks, dirt and faded spots. It can make the home feel “worn”.  Worn may seem […]

Enticing Multiple Offers

A New Trend in Tampa Real Estate? The GoToni Team broke a personal record on Saturday showing six different buyers in one day. In four of the six cases Buyers were faced with a dreaded dilemma; the multiple offer situation. Our team was successful in finding wonderful homes for our clients as was the case […]

How Do Foreclosures Impact Your Home’s Value?

Study: Better to live near vacant home than foreclosure. For Some FYI – Click the Link! Many homeowners are well aware of the foreclosure properties in their neighborhoods. These homes are easy to identify in most cases with their overgrown lawns and weed adorned driveways. Homeowners are mostly knowledgeable to the fact that foreclosure sales in […]

Can I Price High and Still Expect Offers, Only Lower?

UH, NO. In many cities and especially in the Tampa area, there are a large amount of homes on the market. For example, if no other houses came onto the market it would still take several years to sell off the current inventory. This being said, if you are over priced to start with it […]

How Does an Appraiser Determine Value?

Determining Value Sales history along with location perimeters are the main factors in determining a market value. In most cases an Appraiser will attempt to pull comparable sold properties from within the same neighborhood as the subject property. Furthermore, they will attempt to find comparable properties from within the neighborhood and within a limited amount […]

Who Chooses the Appraiser?

Choosing an Appraiser This has become a sticky subject since the mortgage market fell and it was determined that lender fraud had taken place across the country. Originally, the lender would order the appraisal – the buyer nor the seller could order an appraisal because this could be deemed a conflict of interest. In other […]