Tis the season for manatee viewing in Apollo Beach

If you haven’t seen a Florida manatee closeup, this is a wonderful opportunity to do so. They are such gentle creatures and a reminder of the beauty of Florida in Apollo Beach!

‘Chance’ is walking again thanks to Veterinary Surgical Specialists

When we adopt a pet, we adopt a lifetime of joy and love our furry friends provide. This year Hedstrom & Stamm Home Solution’s,Toni Hedstrom had some challenging times with her Westie named ‘Chance’ who was in declining health. It was many months before she found a specialist who diagnosed Chance right away. The veterinary specialist was Dr. Leslie Thomas with Veterinarian Surgical Specialists In Tampa.

Humane Society of Tampa Bay – Upcoming Pet Shot Clinic

HSTB will be offering 1,000 free vaccinations for dogs and cats of residents of Hillsborough County. Our April shot clinic will be held at our shelter on Sunday the 6th. We are in need of volunteers to help out with this event from 8-12pm, rain or shine. Shot Clinic April 6th HSTB 7-12pm Need: 10-15 […]

Pause for Pets Tour

  This past Thursday, the 16th, Edgars Images and I attended Pause for Pets Tour hosted by the “Humane Society of Tampa Bay”. The Animal Health Center provides affordable veterinary care and low cost spay or neutering for all of our four legged family members; as well as, provides extensive medical care for shelter animals. […]

Fun Facts about Dogs

I came across an article about family pets from a great online pet website called Pet 360. It got me thinking about how Mocha Coconut, my precious shih tzu makes me smile all the time.  After all, how can pets not make you smile, don’t you agree. Here are some fun facts about dogs that […]

Itchy Pets – Allergies, Fleas, Environmental Conditions

I noticed lately that Mocha has been itching a lot lately. In Florida, this is the time when it is quite dry outside, not too much rain, and pretty equivalent to normal summers up north. Yes, I know must be nice, but I just remember that this can be the time that many fleas can […]

Corneal Ulcers in Pets

On Sunday Morning, Mocha woke up, and he was not feeling well.  This automatically put me in a freak out mode, and I wanted to find out what was wrong as soon as possible.  He was very reserved, had no energy, did not eat, had the chills, and worse of all, his left eye was swollen shut. […]

Tampa Bay Area – Volunteer Opportunities – Humane Society of Tampa Bay

Are you always looking for a chance to give to your community?  Would you like to do well for someone or something in need.  The Humane Society of Tampa Bay has many opportunities for you.  Some of you may love animals, some of you may not, and that is okay. There are many chances with […]