‘Chance’ is walking again thanks to Veterinary Surgical Specialists

(TAMPA, FL)- When we adopt a pet, we adopt a lifetime of joy and love that our furry friends provide. This year Hedstrom & Stamm Home Solution’s,Toni Hedstrom had some challenging times with her Westie named ‘Chance.’ He was not himself and she was trying to figure out why.  It was many months before she found a specialist who diagnosed Chance right away.

‘Chance’ is a happy healthy dog after knee surgery!

The veterinary specialist was Dr. Leslie Thomas with Veterinarian Surgical Specialists in Tampa. Dr. Thomas specializes in Soft Tissue, Orthopedic and Neurosurgery in the treatment of cats and dogs. She has a special interest in oncologic (cancer) and reconstructive surgery, Tibial Plateau Leveling Osteomies (TLPOs), intervetebral disc disease and diaphragmatic hernias. Once Toni took ‘Chance’ to this office she knew she had found the right veterinarian.

Chance is a Westie and benefitted from life changing surgery on his torn ACL. He is running around, ready for the holidays!

Toni tells her story:

“Chance is my Westie…he is my baby. I noticed he was limping and thought maybe he had caught a nail or something minor. When the limping began to get worse, I took him to our Veterinarian who thought he might have ‘cinched’ his knee. She thought it would work itself out. A month or more went by and his poor leg was only getting worse. We took Chance to another Veterinarian who thought he might have pulled a groin muscle. Again, she thought it would work itself out. Another month goes by and our baby can hardly walk. I took him AGAIN to our Veterinarian who finally suggested that we take Chance to a specialist and she recommended Veterinary Surgical Services.

When Chance and I arrived at the clinic, they took him quickly to the back to get weighed. I waited in the office for him to return. When he returned he was with Dr. Thomas. I said, “I sure hope you can figure out what is wrong with him” and she said, “I already have”. I was so relieved.

Turns out Chance had a torn ACL and required surgery.  The surgery went well and Chance recovered fine. They entire staff was very friendly and helpful.

Chance recovering after his surgery

I began to wonder what people would do if they could not afford the surgery. I was lucky to have a credit card to use – but what would you do if you simply couldn’t afford to help your animal friend? I shared this concern with the staff at VSS and they told me they had a program that provides assistance to families in need of financial help for their pet’s surgeries. I was excited to hear and felt this program would be a perfect recipient for this year’s Pads4Paws donation.

Each year I give $10 per closing to my Pads4Paws organization. This year, I have collected $310 and will be donating it to VSS’s grant program. I am so glad to know that Chance and I can help another family out.”

The Veterinary Care Foundation (VCF) is a 501(c)(3) charitable foundation that helps veterinary practices fund their discounted and no – charge cases. 100% of all funds donated to the Veterinary Care Foundation go directly to veterinary practices – all Foundation operating expenses are met by membership dues paid by veterinarians. You can find them on Veterinary Surgical Services Facebook HERE

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