Homes of Newberger

Dream Street

Newberger road runs between US HWY 41 and Livingston Ave and is home to some of Lutz most premier neighborhoods. This windy road is popular with car salesman who claim it is the perfect ride for a potential new car customer. On one end of Newberger is Lutz own Family Friendly Farm where you can buy fresh, locally grown produce, plants, jellies, honeys and where you can pick your own pumpkins each fall. On the other end of Newberger is the Lutz Executive Golf Course. Within three miles of Newberger there is a Super Target and Super Wal-Mart. This area provides the perfect ‘small town feel’ while being very conveniently located to major shopping, dining, and highways.

Here is a peak at some available Newberger homes.

Map of Newberger Neighborhoods

ZIP / Address:
Lutz Executive Golf Course 28.16636343045011, -82.43117026984692
Family Farm 28.159212690281272, -82.45992355048656 Fresh Farmers Market
Rhoades Wood Acres 28.16375289814328, -82.4396675080061
Wellington Manor 28.16587159589884, -82.44400195777416
Eagle Crest 28.163488057974494, -82.44477443397045
Killen Estates 28.162126012468168, -82.44666270911694
Lakes of Wellington 28.16681742956789, -82.44910888373852
Kauchick Estates 28.1671200945763, -82.45314292609692
Newberger Pines 28.162769202784034, -82.4495380371809
Lake Kell Crossings 28.162580029562978, -82.45610408484936
Pine Crest Estates 28.15955321255155, -82.45610408484936