Corneal Ulcers in Pets

On Sunday Morning, Mocha woke up, and he was not feeling well.  This automatically put me in a freak out mode, and I wanted to find out what was wrong as soon as possible.  He was very reserved, had no energy, did not eat, had the chills, and worse of all, his left eye was swollen shut. This was everything he was not the day before, and ever, except for when he had gotten fixed.  I knew he had a pretty active fun day running around everywhere including the park, and elsewhere.  We continued to watch him, and then decided we could not wait any longer so we went to the Banfield Animal Hospital at Petsmart.

Come to find out, he had an eye ulcer, or a corneal ulcer. So of course, I did a lot of research, and I feel that as a pet parent, you would find this to be very helpful.  First of all, the cornea is the outer layer of the eye and is a clear consistency.  Since it is the outermost edge, it can be affected by scratches, scrapes, small objects that may get into the eye, shampoo, anything whatsoever.  In addition, the cornea gets its protection by natural tears.  If your pet does not produce these tears, his eyes can get dry like humans can.  I know right now with the weather that I am suffering from dry eyes, and that is exactly what can and did happen to poor Mocha Coconut.  The Vets did a tear stain, and confirmed that is what he had. They sent him home with four medicines including a pain reliever and an antibiotic.  He is feeling better already.

Mocha is a shih tzu. Of course, knowing that, corneal ulcers are specially concerning in certain types of breeds. Based on, those breeds include:

If you have one of these types of dogs, make sure to keep checking their eyes to see that they are clear of debris, and have sufficient tearing. The Vet said that I can also freshen his eyes with eye irrigation from any store like a Walgreens, or by using warm water, and a cotton ball.  I hope for this not to happen too much to Mocha, but now I know for future reference, and I wanted to make sure you knew as well.




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