Design The Backyard Of Your Dreams!


Paradise in your backyard! 

          The front yard may be considered the first impression but your back yard can leave a lasting one. This is your area where you can design a sanctuary of relaxation,  a place where you can forget about your day,  a cozy retreat where you can let all the stress melt away! 

          If your back yard could use a facelift , take the time to really plan out your design. Throwing down some pavers and a border is not going to achieve the paradise you are seeking.  First, you will need to consider how much time and money are wanting to put into the project. What are you wanting in your backyard? Do you entertain a lot? Will the area be used more for the kids? What types of materials do you want to use? Brick, water features, kids zone, flowers, annual or sustainable? 

        Take some time and walk around the yard. Take notes of things that can be re purposed or salvageable (trees, plants) and what’s not ( dead plant, rotten wood). You will also need to  consider your environment. If you live in a hot climate, as I do, then you will want to research what plants/ shrubs will survive the harsh sun. Do you want plants with some color, fragrance. etc… Also, consider wildlife, if you live in a area where there are a lot of deer and you love roses, you will need to consider that fact that deer love to eat roses. You will either need to plant something else, or make sure the deer cannot get to the roses. 

It is important to get all of this on paper. Draw your plans out. This plan will give you a birds eye view on the project. This should help you implement the logical steps to get started. One thing I will point out is, when you have made your plans, go inside your home and look out from the window. Will the project block any views? When my husband and I were considering putting up a pergola, we both had decided on the perfect space but once we went back into the house, we noticed that it would block some of the natural light from coming in. Choosing a new space has been a little challenging but I would rather that then being unhappy with the pergola once it was installed.  Plus, it saved my husband some grief from my complaining. 


This also goes for plant and flower placement. I  like to think  of my windows as a piece of art. When deciding where to plant, think about your favorite ones. What flowers would you like to see blooming when looking out your window?

Your outdoor space should bring you pleasure every time you look at it. This even goes for when you are inside your home. If designed right, your back yard will become artwork in your window.

There are so many ideas that can fit all budgets. You can choose a DIY project that can be done in one weekend or you can get it done in several weekends. You want a beautiful backyard space but do not want to put in the work?  Call a professional landscaping company.  Gazebos, Pergolas, Pizza Ovens, Playground, Pool, Outdoor Kitchen are just a few ideas. Whatever you do you will not regret having a back yard oasis! 

My family enjoys spending time together in our yard. For us, we are creating memories along with teaching our daughter about preserving nature and enjoying the fruits of her labor when seedlings she planted have started to sprout. 


“Where flowers bloom, so does hope.” Lady Bird Johnson 








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