First Time Home Buyer 101

You have decided to take the plunge into home ownership! 

Not only does home ownership offer you a sense of pride it also allows you to have a connection and a sense of belonging to your community. Before you begin your search, there are a few things you need to do. Here are my key tips on getting closer to becoming a homeowner: 

1. Speak With A Lender- The first step to getting a mortgage is to get a pre- approval. This is crucial. The lender will pull your credit, verify income, verify employment, review bank statements and pull prior tax returns to ensure you meet the requirements to obtain a loan. The pre -approval will determine several things, loan amount, loan type, interest rate and down payment. All a very important part of the home buying process.  A pre-approval can give you a “leg up” with sellers, this tells that you have taken the time to speak with a lender and are a serious buyer. 

2. Do The Math – Another important step is to sit down and evaluate your budget. What payment can you afford? Do not forget to factor in expenses such as, HOA fees, CDD fees, Insurance, and utilities. You may also want to consider setting a monthly budget for household maintenance. Take the time to really scour over your current budget to see what works. The last thing you want to be is house payment poor! 

3. Find an AWESOME Realtor – Let’s face it, everybody and their brother knows a Realtor. That doesn’t mean that they are a good fit for you. Take some time do your own research. You are probably thinking ,”Of course she is telling us to find a Realtor. She is one!”. This is a HUGE financial decision, you want a professional advising and assisting you along the way. We live in a world where everything we want to know is at our fingertips and yes, you can gain some great information but that does not equal to market experience. Making a mistake in Real Estate can be costly. In Florida, our services to buyers are complimentary, you pay us nothing! We know what to look for the right questions that should be asked. Remember, our role is to facilitate, advise and inform, while keeping your best interest in mind. Plus, we are really fun to hang out with! 

4. Begin The Home Search – Once you have your pre- approval and have chosen your Realtor (H&S Home Solutions, preferably) the fun begins! We would begin with a consultation, this is where you will tell us everything you are looking for in a home. Do you want a large kitchen, walk in closets, big yard, pool or community pool..etc..Tell us EVERYTHING! Once we have all the information, we start looking for your new home! This is where our team steps into high gear! Our team will start sending you listings that all fit within the criteria you have given. Once you find some you find interesting, we go out and tour homes. My best advise here would be, DO NOT HAVE FOMO (fear of missing out). If you find a home that has everything you are looking for , it probably is the home for you. Too many times we have clients that want to wait and “think about it” 9 times out of 10 they lose that house. 


This is just the beginning of the fun and exciting time the home buying process can bring! With a little patience and a lot of humor you will achieve your goal of home ownership.  


“You can’t have everything you want but you can have the things that matters to you.” ~ Marrisa Mayer 



About Selena Stamm

I am one half of Hedstrom & Stamm Home Solutions, a energetic real estate team that is always looking for fresh and innovative ways to help create a wonderful buying or selling experience.