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Real Estate Assemblage For Sale in Seminole Heights


An incredible opportunity to own two lots comprising of nearly 21,000 square feet of land on N. Tampa Street which is situated behind commercial property located on N. Florida Ave. These two lots (5113-5111 N. Tampa St.) form the beginning of an assemblage in Seminole Heights. This area is ripe for development and this block could form a natural ‘Gateway’ into the popular South Seminole Heights area. These lots are one block from Hillsborough Ave. (to the south) and very near to I-275 for easy access to downtown. This area has been designated a ‘Hot Spot’ for popular restaurants and shops. We are seeking developers and investors who would like to be a part of this area’s amazing growth with respect to the Seminole Heights Vision Plan (2009). This area of land would be suitable for high-end townhomes (which are in high demand and low supply in this area) would require re-zoning. Based on the Seminole Heights Vision Plan, this area abuts areas of ‘high density’ and recently city rezoned areas for multi-family. Proposed plan provides higher and better use of this land and could result in high-end multi-family construction with room for possible green space, parking, etc.

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The Area

Gateway_These parcels are located on the residential side of a mixed-use block. Just behind these parcels are the popular Red Star Rock Bar, Vintage Post, and Mauricio’s Bakery. One back corner of these parcels adjoins commercial property on the North Florida side.

The neighboring property at 5109 N. Tampa street, now owned by Greater Bay Properties, LLC recently acquired a zoning change for the parcel allowing duplex property.

The idea of ‘Higher and Better Use’ has been popular in the Greater Seminole Heights area, where Builders have been buying older properties to renovate or to tear down for brand new homes. These particular parcels have a unique benefit for potential developers as they are right at the cusp of designated ‘High Density’ areas and abut commercial property.

Just around the block, new high end townhomes are being developed by developer Wesley Burdette with a price tag of 349k per unit.


Density Map

Existing_ConditionsThis Density Map shows the parcels surrounded by high density designated areas. The block where these parcels are located is a natural ‘Gateway’ to the Seminole Heights area from Hillsborough Ave. (to the north) and the facing side on N. Florida Ave. An interested Developer has an opportunity to work with current land owners (on this block) to create something that can be an incredible addition to the growing area.

Per the Greater Seminole Heights Vision Plan – published in July 2009, the intent for this area is to promote future development patterns in the following categories:

  • Detached Residential
  • Attached Residential
  • Stacked Residential
  • Office/Live-Work
  • Office/Institutional


  Greater Seminole Heights Vision Plan – July 2009

See the Full Plan Here

The plan is the blueprint of an Urban Design Vision promoting the growth and expansion of a historic area of Tampa. The ‘Vision Statements’ put forth in the plan:

  1. Create a neighborhood with an integration of land uses, serving both the immediate residents and surrounding City, which focuses on pedestrian connectivity and instills ‘walkability’  throughout design.
  2. Create attractive, multi-use destinations that attract people and keep them there.
  3. Protect/Capitalize on existing character of single family residential portions of the area
  4. Develop mixed use corridors with centralized structured parking to move away from the approach that all zoning lots have to be self-contained and provide all parking on site; adopt creative parking strategies to serve the area

What’s Happening Now

What we envision for these parcels is already happening in the areas nearby. Prominent Developer Wesley Burdette has  begun the transformation with his Giddens Townhome Project and the Loft Apartments on N. Florida ave.

Wesley Burdette Seminole Heights Projects

NEWS ONE – courtesy of Tampa Bay Business Journal, Author Ashley Gurbal Kritzer NEWS TWO – Courtesy of FL Foundation Auger Cast Piles, Author Ashley Gurbal Kritzer NEWS THREE – Courtesy of Tampa Bay Business Journal, Author Ashley Gurbal Kritzer

Our Vision

Those of us who are familiar with popular mixed-use areas such as West Park Village in Westchase and Hyde Park Village in Tampa know how fun and exciting these ‘villages’ have made their surrounding neighborhoods. Who doesn’t love the idea of walking to coffee shop or pub, a bakery or diner just steps from their home? The thing is – Seminole Heights has all of these things. Seminole Heights is the new ‘Foodie Hot Spot’ of Tampa with new and exciting restaurants, pubs, breweries and wineries opening all around.  What’s missing is an element that will bring all of it Together.

Imagine This: Mixed Use Real Estate Bringing Living to Life

Or This: Popular Pocket Neighborhood Concept

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Seminole Heights is full of character – it is a special place adored by those who live here. This is a quick look at some of the popular places you can visit in this amazing area of Tampa.