Fun Facts about Dogs

Mocha train

I came across an article about family pets from a great online pet website called Pet 360. It got me thinking about how Mocha Coconut, my precious shih tzu makes me smile all the time.  After all, how can pets not make you smile, don’t you agree.

Here are some fun facts about dogs that I came across.  You will find many of these facts very mind boggling and interesting.

Here are a few of them I liked the most.  Dogs and pets color blind. I don’t think so. I never understood why I heard that.  Now, based on the fun facts, I understand more. Mocha always gets bright colored toys and seems to very much distinguish between them.

Another one that I loved was dogs as time keepers. Mocha sure knows what time we will get home. Isn’t it sweet when your pets come to you as excited as can be when you get home from a long day of work? I sure do love that.

Lastly, dogs think they are cats. At least, I feel like Mocha does. Just the way he acts, he either thinks he is a cat, or a real human little boy.  Do you feel the same way about your pet.

Please share your thoughts, and let me know how much this article made you smile.

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