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Mortgage Pre-Qualification is the First Step

Buying property is not unlike any other form of shopping, whether it is for a car, a new suit, or groceries for the week. In most cases, a consumer has a clear understanding of what they can afford which determines where and what they will buy.

Before you can begin shopping for a home or investment property, you need to have a clear understanding of what you can afford. It is easy to look at your income versus your debt and determine what is left over (debt to income ratio) however; this is only one factor of many that determine what you can spend on a home.

Pre-Qualification is a preliminary determination of your ability to purchase. Usually, pre-qualification is determined based off of a simple phone conversation with a mortgage professional who will ask a series of questions and make a determination based on your answers. Pre-Approval for a mortgage loan requires the submitting of documents to substantiate your claims.

In most cases a real estate professional will require, at minimum, that you acquire a pre-qualification letter from a lender before you begin to look at homes.  Furthermore, in order to be competitive and attractive when presenting an offer to purchase it is likely to be required that you submit a pre-approval letter from a lender with your offer.

We have worked with many Lenders. Here are two of our preferred lenders who offers a secure online application process:

VETERANS UNITED HOME LOANS specializing in VA Home Loans
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