Home staging will sell your home more quickly!

(Tampa, Fl) – The HGTV cable channel is fostering the ‘can do’ attitude when it comes to decorating, updating, home staging, and selling.  It is every seller’s dream to have their home look  like a beautiful model home. All it takes is a little creative and strategic home staging.  Your home will connect with buyers online.  And this is really important in today’s digital universe.

In addition, the latest research shows over 90% of all buyers are now making their first connection with your home online.  This makes it increasingly necessary to make sure YOUR photos stand out online and leave an impression for would be buyers.

Staging is a critical part of this process.  

Carefully placed bursts of color, focal points in each room,  and making the old new again will automatically make your home photos more visually appealing.

Realtor.com says, “Homes sell 30 to 85% more quickly and for more money when they are staged.”

The Hedstrom & Stamm Home Ready Program knows how important Home Staging is for your home.
Home staging includes accent on color.

The national association of Real Estate Staging says, ” The ROI, (return on your investment) is anywhere from 100% to 850% depending on the level of your staging and upgrades. 

Home Staging is making a difference in the amount of money you make on selling your home.  Research Click HERE

If you are still not sure it staging matters, remember that home staging is NOT decorating. Staging is bringing out the key unique elements of a home that would make potential buyers want to move in.  

Home Staging will be a determining factor in giving your home the “WOW” factor especially during online searches. Many times, you only have ONE chance to connect your home emotionally to buyers.

The Hedstrom & Stamm team will get you the most money for your home while selling it quickly.  We offer our “exclusive” home ready program to help you distinguish your home from all the others.


About Stacy Folsom

Stacy Folsom is the Office Manager and Team Coordinator of Hedstrom & Stamm Home Solutions LLC.