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It wasn’t too long ago that home staging was considered an extra but in today’s market we believe it is a essential part of selling your home, fast and for a higher value. There can be many challenges when selling your home but you need to gain that extra competitive edge over the competition and home staging provides just that.

Staging prepares a home, vacant or occupied to go on the market. Staging is about creating a scene in the house that is appealing to home buyers. You want the space to feel warm and welcoming. The goal is to have the buyer feel a connection with the home which in turn can produce a offer. Home Staging can be overwhelming for sellers, removing any personal items or collectibles, removing the idea of someone else’s home so the buyer can imagine themselves living there.

Some components of the staging process are common-sense obvious: clean up, paint, fix what’s broken. A professional home stager, however, can offer a detached and objective assessment that identifies and eliminates or minimizes a home’s warts. Stagers also help sellers let go. And sellers must separate their emotions from the house that has a for-sale sign out front ,that includes disconnecting themselves from their favorite French wallpaper, their red walls, their decorator accessories, their treasured family possessions. After the cleaning, uncluttering and depersonalization are done, the real job of home staging begins.

Another thing to consider when staging is after the cleanup and staging has been completed, the home can have a the feel of a well maintained home. This is ideal to buyers. We believe that home staging is essential to the sale of your home.

Hedstrom & Stamm Home Solutions is unqiue in the way that not only are we agents but we offer home staging as well. We know what buyers want to see. If you would like any more info about our program, please contact us at www.tampahome360.com.


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