How do I Benefit from Representation on New Construction?

Rumor Has It

There is a misconception out there that a buyer can get a ‘better deal’ from a builder if they choose not to hire an agent to represent them, but rather deal with the builder or the builder’s representatives directly. True – if the builder doesn’t have to pay a commission to the agent, they will make more money on your purchase. The question is – how does this help you?


Buyer’s Agent representation, in most cases, does not cost the buyer. The agent’s fee is paid for by the seller (or, builder in this example). People are sometimes leery about entering into an agreement with an Agent. Unfortunately, by choosing to ‘go it alone’ you deprive yourself of valuable representation. The concept of Buyer Representation includes:

  1. To protect you and provide you with fiduciary representation in a transaction
  • Negotiate the LOWEST price that is in your best interest
  • Disclose to you any and all information that is learned of the seller (builder) intentions, motivation for selling, selling strategies, and any other information that would better prepare your offer.
  • Keep private from the seller (builder) any information regarding your intentions, ability to buy, what you will pay, reason for buying, etc.
  • Use my knowledge of prior agreements with the builder to better prepare your offer for purchase. Also, knowledge of builder incentives such as upgrades and fees paid.
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