How Important are the Pictures my Real Estate Agent Takes?

What Really Matters

Pictures mean everything and beyond your pricing strategy they are the most important aspect of your listing. If your agent is not taking and posting the maximum amount of pictures the MLS will allow, they are doing you a disservice. Furthermore, they can’t be just plain point and shoot pictures. Lighting, furniture placement, and editing are crucial in presenting your home! With an abundance of homes on the market agents and buyers alike are looking for a reason to omit your home from their list – there’s just too many out there. Your pictures must make a buyer/real estate agent anxious to see your home.

Ask your potential agent a few questions to ensure you get the most attractive exposure for your home:

1. What type of camera do you use?

2. Do you use any additional lighting during your photo shoot?

3. Do you have photo editing software?

4. Where do you plan to post my pictures and how many will you post?

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