Has Waiting for your New Home to be Built made you Homeless?

Home Buying Challenge
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The New Home Challenge

So you are having a home built, a monumental feat. First, you had to sell your home and, where does that leave YOU? This is a common dilemma – the period of time between selling your current home and closing on your new home. Where do you stay? What do you do with your stuff? This can be compounded if you have pets. You know who has the answers? Past Clients – people just like you who have faced this challenge and found a way to make it work. Here, we share their stories in hopes your life can be a little bit easier.


Home Buying Challenge
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The New Home Move

Typically, you are facing a time frame of about 6-months, maybe more and maybe less, between the time you leave your home and move into your new home.  Packing a household of stuff is monstrous – really, where in the world did all this STUFF come from? The last thing you want to do is pack it all up for a second time 6-months down the road. 


What if, you could have a company come in and pack your stuff; load it neatly into a pod, and store it until you’re ready? What a great idea! And, one that is quickly taking over the ‘standard move’. What is a standard move? It is where you grab a rental truck, fill it up and then unload it into an expensive storage building. Oh yes, and then you have to load a truck back up, transport it again and finally unload at the final destination. This is like having a temporary J-O-B. 

The alternative or, the ‘contemporary’ way of doing things is much, MUCH better. 

Smart Move Moving & Storage is a St. Petersburg-based company and was recently used by our Client for his temporary move. He had nothing but great things to say about Smart Move and when he told me the cost, I nearly fell out of my chair (in a good way). He shared that for $95 per hour, a crew will come in and pack up your household goods and load them securely into a transportable pod. This 20′ pod then cost $209 per month to store. Now keep in mind, if you secure a rental truck from a popular moving company – you will pay at minimum $100 or so dollars for one day and you have to load the darn thing yourself. Blah. AND, a 20 x 10 storage building can cost upwards of $300 or more dollars per month at your local storage company site. 

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Where to Live

The next challenge to face is where you will live on a temporary basis. Most apartments require a minimum one-year lease. This is partly due to the fact that leases less than one year result in a higher ‘tax-bill’ for the Lessor. Thus, the Lessor would have to charge a higher rate to accommodate a ‘temporary’ lease. 


The New Home Solution

Our Client is having a home built in the Land O’Lakes subdivision, Bexley. He contracted on a contingency to have his home in Concord Station sold. It would have been great to find a Buyer for the Concord Station home who would be willing to let the Seller stay for 6 or 7 months – but that is certainly an UNLIKELY scenario. And, our Client had to sell so there was the dilemma. Luck would have it when he found a very nice apartment complex in Trinity (near to Land O’Lakes) who was willing to offer a 7-month lease. Now, 7-months is the shortest lease they have but, the fact that they have it is helping many who are in this ‘limbo’ position. Our Client raves about the community, Trinity Exchange, and states he’s found many of his neighbors are building new construction homes, just like him. 

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