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Why Don’t Some Listings Sell?

As a professional real estate agent, I find myself shaking my head while scrolling through the multiple listing service. I often wonder, “do these sellers have any idea how their home is being portrayed on the internet?”. Real estate begins online – this is where potential buyers are – all day, every day. When a person gets the ‘home buying bug’ they become addicted. They are on – Zillow – Truilia – Craigslist – you name it. Most potential buyers have created a relationship with a real estate agent who has them tapped directly into the multiple listing service via an IDX feed. The pictures are what sells the home! THE PICTURES.



It’s Not Always About the Price

Unfortunately, a home is on the market a long time – much longer than its competition and the seller is convinced its price. WRONG. Even in a market like ours where there is very low inventory, a home’s marketing has to entice the buyer and make them WANT to BE THERE. Buyers are looking for reasons to RULE OUT a home because it really is an emotional investment to get in the car and physically go and see a house.

If you are selling a $200,000 home – it needs to look like a $250,000 home online. How do you do this? It’s not about being misleading in the photos. Prepping for the photos takes some time and a professional. You must stage – re-purpose – organize – and do low cost but high impact design changes. A team like ours can help you get your home ready for the market – not unlike getting your car detailed before you get it appraised.

Having a Plan

If you are not in the real estate business – how do you know what to expect from an Agent? My suggestion – Interview. Interview at LEAST three real estate agents before you make a decision on who will manage your home sale. Have them show you examples, give you testimonials, and a guarantee that they will do everything they say they will do.

Our Success

We will achieve success in the sale of your home with our vision, our promise, and our pledge.  We are always seeking ways to improve the real estate experience for our clients.

About Stacy Folsom

Stacy Folsom is the Office Manager and Team Coordinator of Hedstrom & Stamm Home Solutions LLC.