Contract to Closing

Contract to Closing for Buyers and Sellers

Getting to closing, once a contract has been executed, requires a specific set of skills. Organization is one of the most important considering the many steps required to make a transaction successful.

For Sellers, your Real Estate Agent’s marketing skills are crucial and for Buyers, your Real Estate Agent’s ability to interpret your needs, wants, and desires into the ‘perfect home’ are as crucial. However, if your Agent is not successful in the management of your transaction all of the work, time, and effort put into marketing and searching are for nothing.


My Commitment

Knowledge is power and I am committed to providing, for both my Buyers and Sellers, the tools required to ensure a smooth transaction. Starting with the Buyer’s Orientation Guide and the Seller’s Marketing Proposal, from the very first time we meet, you will know and understand the entire process of buying or selling a home.

Under Contract

Once a contract has been executed, I will provide to you a personalized copy of my Florida Homesteader: Contract to Closing Book. This book contains information exclusive to your transaction including specific dates and deadlines and contract contacts including the Escrow Officer, Lender, Appraiser and all others involved in your transaction. The purpose of this book is to ensure that no one finds themselves unsure of what is happening, or what should be happening next.

How Do You Get a Copy?

By clicking on the links below, you will be able to preview the Florida Homesteader Contract to Closing Books for Buyers or, for Sellers. These publications are provided to my clients in a hard copy form once we have acquired an executed contract.

Buyer Contract to Closing
Seller Contract to Closing