How to Price Your Home

Everyone wants to get top dollar for their home when they sell it. What is top dollar? And, how do you determine top dollar for your home?

Basically, value is what a seller is willing to sell for and a buyer is willing to buy for. When the buyer and seller come together on a price = the value of the home is established. However in most cases, there is a financial institution involved and the determination of value is no longer in the hands of the buyer and seller. Additional factors are then interjected into the determination of price and this is done by a licensed property appraiser.

So, now you are depending on a stranger to tell you what your home is worth!

In this section we will discuss what data is used to determine the value of your home. We will discuss home improvements and their impact on your home’s value. We will also discuss what it takes to be priced right in a buyer’s market.

Pricing Your Home