Preparing Your Home For Sale

Once you make the decision to sell your home there are several steps you can take to better prepare your home for sale. Sometimes it is hard to step back and look at your surroundings in unbiased way. You begin to say to yourself, This is ‘Our Home’ and ‘We Live Here’. You ask, ‘how am I going to keep it ‘perfect’ all of the time?’

One key thing to remember, or to convince yourself of: Once you decide to sell your home it is no longer your ‘home’, it is a commodity that you need to sell. Just as you would have your car detailed before putting it up for sale to assure you get the best price – you do the same for your home.

I have prepared a detailed manual addressing the issues of Marketing Preparation. This book provides clear information on how you can get your home in its best shape and keep it looking good while listed. Please review the book by clicking on it below. It is only available to you as a preview here. Once you have decided to list your home with me, I will be sure to provide you a copy of this book as well as a personal consultation regarding the marketing preparation of your home.

Florida Homesteader: Marketing Preparation


This publication is copyright protected: Toni Hedstrom, 2011. Authorized Uses Include: Preview Only

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