What is My Home Worth?

This seems to be the question of today for many homeowners. What is my home worth?

The real estate market is always changing. Many of us have a certain view of the market based on the national news however; values tend to rise and fall in relation to what is happening right now in your immediate area. Therefore, you could ask the question – What is My Home Worth? – every couple of months and likely get a different answer.

Your home’s value is not based strictly on your home. The value determination takes into effect the new construction, foreclosure, and short sale saturation of the market. With these inventories changing weekly, it is important to keep an active eye on your area and neighborhood to see more clearly how your home’s value is effected.


There are three ways for you to receive the information you are seeking about your home.

  1. General Analysis – Once you have filled out the contact form below and provided information about your property, I will take a look at your home’s specifics and relate them to the market in general, providing you an estimate of your home’s value.
  2. Market Snapshot – Filling out the Market Snapshot form below will allow you to receive a detailed report of your immediate area along with sold data, days-on-market data, sales price to list price ratios, and more. This report will provide you an understanding of what the homes in your neighborhood are selling for and how long they are taking to sell. You can elect to automatically receive updates to this report in your email inbox.
  3. Detailed Comparable Market Analysis – Choosing a detailed comparable market analysis is the best way to acquire the most accurate evaluation of your home. This choice requires that I personally visit your property at which time I will take extensive notes of all items that would or could affect your home’s value. Information collected is then compiled into a detailed report containing information on the comparable properties used to determine your value. I then return for another discussion at which time I provide you with your own detailed report, consultation, and estimated expense evaluation.

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