Selling Your Home? Get It Ready To Show!

You have decided to sell your home. You took your time to interview several Realtors in the area to make sure they were qualified and a great fit!  Pretty soon you will have potential buyers coming to view your home. You need to get it SHOW READY! Here are a few tips Toni and I like tell our sellers: 

                                                                      Sellers To Do Check List 

Clean or Replace :

  • Light Switch Covers
  • Light Bulbs 
  • Doors and Door Knobs 
  • Carpets
  • Blinds 
  • A/C Vents – These tend to get overlooked. A potential buyer notices everything!
  • Interior/Exterior Paint – Makes sure to walk around house, if there are any cracks, you will want to seal those a put on a fresh coat of paint

Dust Everything :

  • Walls
  • Blinds
  • Ceilings 
  • Baseboards
  • Ceiling Fans 
  • A/C Intake Vent – Again, gets overlooked but will be pointed out by a potential buyer


  • Make beds daily
  • Invest in some new bedspreads (If necessary) 
  • Clear off all night stands and dressers 
  • Clean and organize all closets – You want to show maximum space
  • Keep all floors clean and vacuum regularly
  • Repair any holes or damage to walls
  • Declutter 

Bathrooms :

  • Clean and Clear all surfaces
  • Keep fresh towels out for all showings. Maybe purchase a nice pair of fluffy towels and put them out when you know you have a showing. 
  • Remove all unnecessary items from the tub and shower
  • Clean or replace all shower curtains
  • Clean the tub and shower. Replace caulking if needed in both tub and shower.  
  • Keep the toilet lid down for showings
  • Organize linen closets 

Laundry Room :

  • Put all soap and laundry supplies in cupboards
  • Keep all surfaces clean and sink (if applicable) clean
  • Keep all laundry contained and hidden. Consider purchasing a nice hamper with a lid
  • Keep floors clear of clutter 

Living Room and Family Room :

  • Keep coffee tables clear
  • Use pillows and throw blankets to add a splash of color or to soften the space
  • Any toys should be tucked away and out of sight
  • Rearrange furniture to maximize floor space. Show off that beautiful floor!
  • Pack up all knick knacks and figurines  
  • Pack away family photos to de personalize the home
  • Use lamps to add light to any dark space
  • Reduce all wall art to a few pieces 
  • Use a essential oil diffuser to keep the home smelling fresh 

Dining Room : 

  • Keep dining room table clear of clutter, minimize it to one nice centerpiece 
  • Remove any extra chairs 
  • Bottom of the Chandelier should be at a minimum of 60″ from the floor. 
  • Keep hutch clean and organized. It’s okay to show off Grandmas china as long as it is not cluttered


  • Clear all items from kitchen countertop
  • Clean tile floor, make sure grout looks nice and clean
  • Clean the stove,  microwave and fridge
  • Clear the refrigerator of magnets, pictures and messages 
  • Replace any or all burners on stove if they are broken or super dirty
  • Empty the garbage before each showing 
  • Organize the pantry
  • Scrub and polish the sink to make it look like new again! 

Exterior : 

  • Clean and repaint door , if needed
  • Clean and repaint exterior paint and trim , if needed
  • Replace any wood rot 
  • Pressure wash driveway and walk ways, if needed
  • Wash windows- inside and out
  • Check roof. Make sure there are no areas that could be a concern. 3
  • Consider outdoor furniture to show off you back yard


  • Trim all bushes and trees
  • Weed all areas 
  • Put down some fresh mulch to restore color
  • Keep the lawn freshly mowed, edged and fertilized 
  • Remove any dead plants
  • Add a splash of color with seasonal flowers/plant 


  • Clean and sweep out garage 
  • Keep storage areas neat and clean
  • Pack whatever you can live without


Selling your home can be a very stressful time. Tackling these task daily will help eliminate any negative feed back from potential buyers and bring you closer to the ultimate goal, which is selling your home! Remember, you want to make your home feel inviting. You want your potential buyer to imagine living there. 

We hope our check list has helped you figure out where to start! We are always just a phone call away if you have any questions! 




About Selena Stamm

I am one half of Hedstrom & Stamm Home Solutions, a energetic real estate team that is always looking for fresh and innovative ways to help create a wonderful buying or selling experience.