Short Sales

The term ‘Short Sales’ has become a common part of our language in the past five years. In all actuality, short sales have been around for a very long time. Fewer homeowners found themselves in a position to utilize a short sale option to avoid foreclosure because, when selling, there was usually some equity in the home.

The financial crisis has impacted the housing market in a devastating way. Many homeowners are barely hanging on and when they are forced to sell, they find their home isn’t worth what they owe on their mortgage(s).

For buyers, the uncertainty of short sales and how they operate may cause reluctance to consider them as a purchase option. Worse yet, this same uncertainty may cause a buyer to purchase without really knowing what they are getting into.

In this short sales information section you will find discussions relating to all aspects of a short sale transaction.

What is a Short Sale?            What are the Benefits of a Short Sale?       What are the Steps of a Short Sale?

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