Facing Foreclosure

There are thousands and thousands of Americans who are facing the reality of losing their homes. Many have experienced job loss or job transfer, loss of value in their retirement accounts, or other life changing circumstances. In the world we used to know, homes in America always grew in value. Equity was a given and when faced with the need to sell your home, it was likely you could sell and make a bit of money or, at least, break even. Those of us with the very best intentions and the very best history of paying our debts can find ourselves in a situation that feels out of control.

Luckily there are options when faced with foreclosure. Your goal, as a homeowner, should be to do everything in your power to avoid foreclosure. You see, someday soon your financial situation will level out and you will be able to breath again. Give yourself a chance to start over when that time comes by avoiding foreclosure.

This section discusses what you can do when faced with foreclosure. We also address ramifications of foreclosure. If you have any particular questions or concerns, we welcome you to fill out the form below and we will respond right away.

Facing Foreclosure

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