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Talk about a orangelelicious kind of trip.  The Showcase of Citrus was this place.  The Showcase of Citrus is located about 15 to 20 minutes away from Disney World in Clermont, FL.  Going to Florida, you always think let’s go to the beach, well, what about a change of pace, and let’s go Orange Picking.

Did you know that Orange Picking in Florida is in season around November to March.  It’s a pretty ideal temperature. Not too hot, but lots of sun.  We took a trip to The Showcase of Citrus, and found out there was more to just orange picking at this place.

What I loved most about this place was that it was family owned.  With it being family-owned, you know they hold this close to their heart.  Besides oranges, there are animals and an eco-tour in a monster truck.  Take a look at this huge monster truck, and yes, Mocha did get to go to this adventure.


mocha monster















Many animals are seen on this 45 minute monster truck ride. It’s a thrill, and it is quite an adventure.

Besides the usual cows, which actually are pretty common in Florida, here are some big beautiful animals that you can see close up when riding the monster truck.












Afterwards, we got off of this fun adventure, and picked oranges to our hearts content. Besides eating them, we surely were able to eat them fresh right off the tree.















Afterwards, pick up some fresh local goodies at the shop, and take more pictures and eat more citrus and other snacks . You will surely be in citrus heaven.

Check out Showcase of Citrus. You will not be sorry. They are so helpful, friendly, knowledgable, and amazing.Don’t forget the World Famous Orange Slushy. YUMMY.


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