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If you’ve recently been watching the local and/or national news you’ve likely seen coverage on the “Sinkhole” that opened on Thursday February 28th in Seffner, FL taking the life of a man in his early 30’s.  The circumstances surrounding the story are extremely sad and we feel terribly for the family who lost their loved one.

Since this occurrence, we’ve experienced several inquiries from customers wondering what the likelihood of these types of events are and if their homes are covered for such an occurrence.  First, these events are categorized as Catastrophic Ground Cover Collapse’s (CGCC) because the event met the following four characteristics: 1) Sudden 2) Catastrophic in nature with damage to the dwelling 3) A visible depression (or hole) opened on the property & 4) The home is deemed uninhabitable by a local code enforcement official.  All homeowners and dwelling fire policies in the state of FL automatically provide coverage for these types of events so your home is covered for these types of catastrophe’s.  Many people commonly refer to these types of events as “sinkholes” however the actual definition is CGCC.

This CGCC occurrence was definitely one of the saddest case’s that I’ve seen since beginning in the insurance industry several years ago and our thoughts and prayers go out to the family of the victim.  The likelihood of this type of event happening to you and your family are extremely low however. Although these types of losses can occur, they are extremely rare. A homeowner is far more likely to experience a loss from a broken pipe or a fire than they are from a catastrophic ground collapse.

If you have questions or would like to discuss your policy please feel free to contact our office and myself or one of our very knowledgeable agents will be glad to discuss things with you!

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