How is Your Home’s Value Determined?

Join Toni for a discussion regarding home value determinations and, what items give value and what items do not. You may be surprised.  Just what is a home appraisal and why do we need one?

How Does an Appraiser Determine Value?

Determining Value Sales history along with location perimeters are the main factors in determining a market value. In most cases an Appraiser will attempt to pull comparable sold properties from within the same neighborhood as the subject property. Furthermore, they will attempt to find comparable properties from within the neighborhood and within a limited amount […]

Who Chooses the Appraiser?

Choosing an Appraiser This has become a sticky subject since the mortgage market fell and it was determined that lender fraud had taken place across the country. Originally, the lender would order the appraisal – the buyer nor the seller could order an appraisal because this could be deemed a conflict of interest. In other […]