Why do some homes sell faster than others?

Why do some homes sell faster than others? Everyone buying or selling seems to think they have the answer. One always hears location, location, location. We also hear schools, schools, school. Beyond that, are there many good reasons why your home is not selling as quickly as your neighbors? Hedstrom & Stamm’s home solutions team did some research to tally up what most experts say.

A Buyer’s Wish List

In real estate, understanding a buyer‘s needs and desires is key to being a successful Buyer’s Agent. In many cases, a good Buyer’s Agent can stretch certain criteria to include areas and homes a buyer may not even have considered. The value of a qualified and experienced Buyer’s Agent is crucial in a ‘low-inventory’ market […]

Enticing Multiple Offers

A New Trend in Tampa Real Estate? The GoToni Team broke a personal record on Saturday showing six different buyers in one day. In four of the six cases Buyers were faced with a dreaded dilemma; the multiple offer situation. Our team was successful in finding wonderful homes for our clients as was the case […]

Clearsky Beachside Cafe – Clearwater Beach, FL

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Clearsky Beachside Cafe. If I could give 10 stars, Clear Sky Beachside Cafe would get it.  I try so very hard to try different restaurants and really take advantage of the many options out there. But when it comes to restaurants I really like, I see myself come back over and […]

Real Estate Market Finding Balance with Fewer Foreclosures and more Short Sales

There’s an interesting article in the new section on the Florida Association of Realtors website.  It’s an analysis of the Fiserv Case-Shiller Indexes and has positive projections for the future of real estate!  Here’s the link : http://www.floridarealtors.org/NewsAndEvents/article.cfm?id=279324 The gist of it is that finally after five years plus of decline, housing prices are starting to […]

How Do Foreclosures Impact Your Home’s Value?

Study: Better to live near vacant home than foreclosure. For Some FYI – Click the Link! Many homeowners are well aware of the foreclosure properties in their neighborhoods. These homes are easy to identify in most cases with their overgrown lawns and weed adorned driveways. Homeowners are mostly knowledgeable to the fact that foreclosure sales in […]

Market Analysis for Tampa – St Pete – Clearwater

Local Market Report, Second Quarter 2011 Published by the National Association of REALTORS® Knowledge is power and with the information provided by the National Association of REALTORS® you can arm yourself with accurate Tampa area market statistics. View the full report  to see comprehensive information in various real estate categories such as: Drivers of Local Supply […]

How Do I Participate?


The Mission The idea behind the Pads4Paws organization is to unite the efforts of area real estate agents in a campaign to support local animal shelters. Real estate agents participate by signing a pledge form to contribute a dollar amount from each of their closings to the sponsored animal rescue organization. These pledge forms are […]

How Important are the Pictures my Real Estate Agent Takes?

What Really Matters Pictures mean everything and beyond your pricing strategy they are the most important aspect of your listing. If your agent is not taking and posting the maximum amount of pictures the MLS will allow, they are doing you a disservice. Furthermore, they can’t be just plain point and shoot pictures. Lighting, furniture […]

Do Open Houses Help to Sell Homes?

Do Pigs Fly? I have held many open houses and in most all cases they did not result in a sale. Instead, I acquired a few new buyers and gave families something to do on a Sunday afternoon. When a real estate agent markets a home, they have some control over who enters your home. […]