Didn’t Find a Hatchimal? That’s Great – Here’s Why

Big Fail or Big Opportunity So you didn’t get your hands on a Hatchimal this year. Does this mean you love your kids/grandkids any less than those who did? Does this mean Santa Claus doesn’t care about your child because they didn’t get one under the tree? One woman said, “My kids won’t have a […]

Toni’s Interview with Christina Lloyd and the Lloyd Family of Lutz

Summary Toni has lived in Lutz since the summer of 2010 – and she will never forget the first Christmas and the amazing light show at the intersection of Newberger and Livingston. Every year, it is something that she and likely many others in Lutz look forward to – the Livingston Light Show at the […]

Christmas in Orlando

Christmas is one of my favorite times of the year. I can honestly tell you that I did not always feel that way. The first time I came to Florida during Christmas my outlook changed. I always associated Christmas as cold and snowy. I had lived in Chicago all my life, and I was getting […]

Must See Xmas Event – Christmas Town at Busch Garden

What a sparkling opportunity that Busch Gardens and Yelp.com Tampa Bay provided us with. Imagine being the first attendants of the premiere Xmas event Christmas Town at Busch Gardens.  Christmas Town is a brand new event this year. Vibrant gleaming Xmas Lights, Xmas Carols, Snow sledding in 70 degree weather, Santa & Mrs. Claus, an […]

Tampa Area – Manatee Viewing

  I cannot believe that it is November already. Halloween is behind us, and the holiday season is upon us.   What is next besides Thanksgiving and Christmas. After all, Tampa area is endless when it comes to things to do. One thing comes to mind for me since I live in Florida. Well, more than […]