Just what is a home appraisal and why do we need one?

Starting with the dictionary, an Appraisal means:
an act of assessing something or someone, an expert estimate of the value of something.
synonyms: assessment, evaluation, estimation, judgment, rating, gauging, sizing up, summing-up, consideration
synonyms: valuation, estimate, estimation, quotation, pricing; survey

Tis the season for manatee viewing in Apollo Beach

If you haven’t seen a Florida manatee closeup, this is a wonderful opportunity to do so. They are such gentle creatures and a reminder of the beauty of Florida in Apollo Beach!

Home Staging

       Extra or Essential?   It wasn’t too long ago that home staging was considered an extra but in today’s market we believe it is a essential part of selling your home, fast and for a higher value. There can be many challenges when selling your home but you need to gain that extra […]

Fabulous Friday Entertaining!

At Tampa Homes Go Toni we’re not all real estate talk!  It’s Friday and the weekend is almost here so let’s leave behind the   Farmer’s Markets are in full swing and it’s so much fun to pick up fresh produce.  However, using up that produce before it languishes away in the bottom of the refrigerator […]

Aquatica Water Park by Seaworld

Going to Aquatica was so much fun this weekend. At first, when you go, you may get a little overwhelmed. The reason is because when driving, Seaworld, Discovery Cove, and Aquatica are all in the same general area. Don’t worry though, Aquatica is your last entrance coming. Aquatica’s parking is $12 per day. If you […]

Bok Tower Gardens – Lake Wales, FL

The weather is becoming as perfect as ever as we reach the spring time here in the Tampa area.  What makes it even better is our many blooms of flowers, as more nature is coming back out to life.  Our winters are not bad by any means, but our spring is definitely perfect With that […]

Forget ‘Improving’ or ‘Rebound’ – Florida is on FIRE!

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. – March 8, 2013 – Lesley Deutch, senior vice president at John Burns Real Estate Consulting, said the “Florida market is on fire” in her latest update on the state’s housing market. Deutch says she traveled the state recently and visited more than 20 communities. While recovery reports differ between Florida […]

A Buyer’s Wish List

In real estate, understanding a buyer‘s needs and desires is key to being a successful Buyer’s Agent. In many cases, a good Buyer’s Agent can stretch certain criteria to include areas and homes a buyer may not even have considered. The value of a qualified and experienced Buyer’s Agent is crucial in a ‘low-inventory’ market […]