Itchy Pets – Allergies, Fleas, Environmental Conditions

I noticed lately that Mocha has been itching a lot lately. In Florida, this is the time when it is quite dry outside, not too much rain, and pretty equivalent to normal summers up north. Yes, I know must be nice, but I just remember that this can be the time that many fleas can […]

Healthy Back to School Lunch Ideas

This time of year the store are full of school supplies and new backpacks and lunch bags are being selected. Parents tackle back- to-school prep with unbridled enthusiam!  Then reality sets in and by the second week parents and kids are in deep negotiations over the lunch bag.  We want to feed our kids healthy.  Our kids […]

Safe and Non Safe Dog Foods at Summer Time Get togethers

Since it is summer time, I am sure you are having a bunch of summer time get togethers, barbecues, and parties.  I am sure there is so much food, you can feed an army.  What about your dog?  Is he begging for food?  Are you letting him have some of your food?  There are some […]

Tampa Bay – Pet Online Sources to Ease your Mind

    Have you ever wondered about a symptom that your pet was having while you were at home or on vacation?  Did you know where to turn; Google,  a vet.   While reading the TBT, I found a great article that would ease any pet lover’s mind when their pet is sick.     1.        The American Society for […]