Home staging will sell your home more quickly!

The latest research shows over 90% of all buyers are now making their first connection with your home online. This makes it increasingly necessary to make sure YOUR photos stand out online and leave an impression on “would be buyers.” Staging is a critical part of this process. Carefully placed bursts of color, focal points in each room, and making the old new again will automatically make your home photos more visually appealing. Realtor.com says, “Homes sell 30 to 85% more quickly and for more money when they are staged.”

What a Smart Home Seller Does

It is that magical time of the year when the air becomes crisp, the fireplaces start roaring, and the cookies start baking. (Okay, since we are in Florida we might skip the fireplace, at least for now)  We plan a bi-annual landscape update for new mulch, dreaming about the sparkling holiday lights of December. We […]

Should I Consider Home Staging?

Getting Ready for the Market When preparing your home for sale you need to look at your home as a commodity and not the warm and fuzzy place it has been. Just like when you prepare to sell a car – you get it detailed so you can get top dollar, right? Many times we, as […]