Homeownership rate falls to mid-1990s level

#154319835 / gettyimages.com On June 18, 2014 – According to U.S. Census data, the share of Americans who own their homes settled at about 64.8 percent in the first three months of this year – down from 65.2 percent in the fourth quarter of 2013. The rate has fallen steadily since peaking at 68.9 percent […]

Tampa Area Dog Beaches

Tampa is quite a dog friendly area, and since our area has a bunch of beaches, there must be dog beaches some where. Here is a list of dog beaches in the area. Mocha luckily has been to all of them. What a lucky, spoiled dog. Fort De Soto Park – Tierre Verde, FL – […]

2013 Bay Area Renaissance Festival

Have you ever been to the Renaissance Festival at MOSI in Tampa?  I sure have not. From looking at the site, there are endless things to do, and guess what, the weekends are themed weekends. That is makes pretty fun for all ages, and all interests. Here are their different weekends: Wine, Chocolate & Romance!  […]

Fun Facts about Dogs

I came across an article about family pets from a great online pet website called Pet 360. It got me thinking about how Mocha Coconut, my precious shih tzu makes me smile all the time.  After all, how can pets not make you smile, don’t you agree. Here are some fun facts about dogs that […]

Clearwater Beach, FL – Sunsets at Pier 60

Everytime I go to Clearwater Beach, I make it a point to go later in the day.  The heat is not painstaking on me, and I get to the see the sunset.   In the summer, the sunsets can be as late as 8:30 P. M.   They never get old for me. They make me remember the first time […]

Sky Trail Ropes/Zip Line Course at MOSI Tampa – On Top of the World Almost

  Who’s looking for a new ADVENTURE?  Tampa has it for you, and it’s something besides Busch Gardens Roller Coasters.  Anyone there love heights and speed.  If this is you, check out this video, and then check it out for yourself at MOSI . The brand new Sky Trail and Rope Course has just opened […]

Pet Travel Essentials – Vacations are More Fun with your Pet

All of us love our vacations, but do you ever have a concern that your pet will not be able to travel with you, or that it is more of a headache, then anything else? Well, that does not have to be the case. As in anyone adjusting to new things, your pet also needs […]

Tampa Bay – Pet Online Sources to Ease your Mind

    Have you ever wondered about a symptom that your pet was having while you were at home or on vacation?  Did you know where to turn; Google,  a vet.   While reading the TBT, I found a great article that would ease any pet lover’s mind when their pet is sick.     1.        The American Society for […]

A Day Itinerary at Clearwater Beach

Imagine your damp hair glistening in the sun, and waving in the ocean breeze. Or your children laughing and playing and building sandcastles, or just nice sweet serenity watching the sunset come down. You can do all of that and more at Clearwater Beach; ranked one of the top beaches in Florida.  I certainly know […]