Tampa area – Hurricane Plan for your Pets


It’s that time of the year again, June through November, when hurricane season is upon us.  It’s better to be aware now, then when the weather emergency is happening. With that in mind, not only does one make a hurricane evacuation plan for themselves, but their hurricane evacuation plan involving their pets is as essential.  Here are some tips to assist you with preparing yourself, and your pet.  With this, it will help put your mind at ease a little bit more.

1.        Put together a list of what your pet’s necessity items are – Food, Bottled Water, toys, crates, treats, medicines, blankets, immunization records.

2.       Make sure you have a place to gather them.

3.       Plan where your destinations could be, and what your evacuation route will be. Will you stay at a family members house, a close friend, or a pet friendly hotel.  Make sure to provide yourself with options.

4.       Make sure the phone numbers are easily accessible for you.

5.       Make sure your pet has his identifications on him like his name tags, or better yet, have him micro-chipped.

Having this in one cohesive place will save you stress later on. 

You must plan for the worse, so you can hope for the better with ease.  After all, your pets are your family, and they deserve to be as comfortable, and non-stressed as yourself.

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