Tampa Area – Sponge Docks – Greek Village – Tarpon Springs, FL

Out of nowhere, have you ever just wanted to stand up, and yell 

and start throwing plates on the ground? Sounds like fun to me, or a great way to release aggression.  You can certainly do that in the Tampa area. Yes you can.  Did you know that Tarpon Springs, FL about 20 minutes north of Clearwater Beach has one of the highest percentages of Greek Americans in the United States?  Why you ask? In the late 1800’s the sponge industry became popular. You know, those sponges that you use to clean your kitchen, bathroom, car, etc? Those are creatures of the sea, and what we actually use for cleaning are the skeltons of these sea animals. There’s an abundance of them in the waters of the Tarpon Bay. The Greeks would come, wearing their diving helmets and diving suits, and dive to get them.


For that reason, The Sponge Docks is the epicenter of tourism in Tarpon Springs.   It is one street, a really cool name Dodecanese.  There you will find Greek restaurants galore, beach tourist shoppes and sponges sponges everywhere. It’s a really fun area that often has festivals and picture opportunities where you feel like you are standing in Greece with the boats in their Greek language.

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