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Have you ever wondered about a symptom that your pet was having while you were at home or on vacation?  Did you know where to turn; Google,  a vet.   While reading the TBT, I found a great article that would ease any pet lover’s mind when their pet is sick.  


1.        The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Poison Control(ASPCA)  –

a.       Say you are cleaning your bathroom, and you spill one of the cleaning sprays. You can refer to that site, or even call the toll free phone number – 888-426-4435.


2.        The Animal Hospital Association –         

          a.        Did you know there is a 24 hour hotline to help locate accredited vet facilities?  When you are traveling, this site can be of assistance for you if your pet has an unforeseen accident.

3.     Webvet.com – This is a another great source that you can look up possible symptoms that your pet may be having if they are not feeling well.

4.     Make  sure to keep up on vaccinations for your pet.

       a.       Here is some information on when your pets need to be vaccinated.

5.       The last tip, I felt was very helpful especially for those always into social media.  You can join the facebook or twitter page of your pet’s food and see if there are updates about it’s progress, and any recalls going on.


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