Tampa Bay – Wild Wonderland at Lowry Park Zoo


I had the pleasure of going to Wild Wonderland at Lowry Park Zoo thanks to the zoo and yelp.com.  From the minute I walked in, I was in awe of all the effort put into the beautiful Christmas lights.  Every inch of my walk was covered with vibrant colors of all shades.  I came across trees upon trees of blue lights that were so pretty and wondrous.  I bumped into a huge snowman laying down chilling on the ground.

Penguins soon followed so clear and close I could touch them. It was much closer than what I had seen when I went to Christmas Town at Busch Gardens.  Passing by all of that, I came across lovely flamingo lights.  There’s no Florida without decorated flamingoes in lights.  Then came the Lodge.

The lodge was the area where I met with other Yelp.com enthusiasts. Of course, we were the first ones there, and that was great.  They had a bar, and they were serving different types of beer, Barefoot brand wine, water, and soft drinks. That was very nice, as well as the jolly friendly bartender who was serving it.

We also had some appetizers and desserts. There were not too many, but boy they were so nicely served, and even better tasted quite heavenly.  We had some type of pork appetizer with a blood orange type of sauce, and relish type thing on top. It was very good. The lobster pot pie was very good. They were wrapped in a phyllo dough and had an orangish type sauce, also very tasty.  Our desserts were peppermint bark, and a smores brownie. Oh yes, these were top of the line appetizers, very pretty, fancy, and tasty looking. They were small, but we surely grabbed our fair share.  From having just these few appetizers, desserts, and drinks, I can see how if you are planning a nice party, or get together, this would be a nice different place to go.

Afterwards, we walked through the xmas lights, and I must say that I really loved every moment of it.  We were able to see the penguins as I mentioned early, we saw some manatee, sting rays, and a tiger. I suppose we could have seen more, but everything all together made me very happy.

There was a 100 ft. slide for anyone brave enough to try it. That was not me of course, and also reindeer games with different areas for the kids to play.  They also made sure that the kids could enjoy snow through the pretty blue decorated trees.

Since it is a zoo, of course, you can’t help that there were tons of children around. That was fine for me because I still felt that the Wild Wonderland was fun for the whole family, and not just the children.   I would be back here again for these lights, and I do feel that these have been my favorite so far in the Tampa Bay area.


Thanks again to Lowry Park zoo, and Yelp.com for a super fun wild wonderland of night.

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