Toni Hedstrom REALTOR, Owner

Toni Hedstrom

REALTOR®, ePRO®, Owner

Direct Line: 813-830-8664

Toni Hedstrom is part owner of Hedstrom & Stamm Home Solutions, LLC, an innovative real estate partnership located in the Greater Tampa area. 


Toni is a born salesman and hard worker. Being a single parent, she knew it would take more than ‘blood, sweat, and tears’ to raise her family. She worked for companies like McLanes, Wal-Mart Distribution, and Frito-Lay. In most of these positions, she was one of very few women working these strenuous jobs driving trucks, loading trucks, and order-filling. She always knew in her heart that she would someday be her own boss. Her dream was first realized when she purchased a small Office-Coffee Service company in 1998. Toni started out with 20 various (and old) Bunn Coffee Brewers and a handful of accounts. Within 2-years she had established working relationships with Proctor & Gamble and Green Mountain Coffee Company. These relationships allowed her to offer innovative equipment to large grocers and store owners. By 2001, the renamed, Titan Coffee & Distribution serviced the largest sole proprietorship grocer in the world, HEB Grocery. The company’s routes ran west to Midland/Odessa, north to Amarillo and south past San Antonio. When, in 2002, the company was transformed into a public trading company, Toni chose to accept a buy-out and move on to other things. 

It was an ad in the paper that first peaked her interest in Real Estate. A local franchise was offering to pay for your real estate school to become an Agent in their office. Toni made the jump and has been a REALTOR® ever since. 

Toni began her Real Estate career in Central Texas near Fort Hood, the largest military base in the free world. It goes without saying that she specialized in serving Veterans and their families as this was the primary market for her area. She had just met MAJ Marvin Hedstrom as well, which helped inspire her to help military families (not to mention Toni herself was an ‘Army Brat).

In 2004 Marvin and Toni were married just one week before his first deployment to IRAQ. She laughs when describing her first year of marriage, “we didn’t fight at all”. The 2004-2005 deployment was an experience Toni will treasure for her lifetime. It was difficult, no doubt. But, she was blessed with the chance to establish amazing friendships that last to this day. Toni’s real estate team was named “The GoToni Team”. Toni was extremely successful in Central Texas and owes it all to the amazing military spouses who worked alongside her; Heather Boos (Closing Manager), Elizabeth Law (Buyer Agent) and Keyara Baker (Buyer Specialist). 

When, in 2005, Toni’s Husband was awarded Command of a Battalion in the 4th Brigade 1st Cavalry Division, they packed up shop and moved to El Paso / Fort Bliss. Toni re-established her real estate business in El Paso. Although she was successful in El Paso, her time was torn between work and her commitments to the Brigade. Being a Commander’s Spouse held a lot of responsibility and with another deployment on the horizon, much preparation. Again, the relationships forged through Marvin’s second deployment to IRAQ 2006-2007 are priceless. Toni had the great honor to serve on the Brigade Steering Committee, the Battalion FRG, and the Brigade Care Team for fallen Soldiers. 

Upon return to CONUS, Marvin retired from the US Army after 20-years service. The Hedstroms made a decision to move to Central Texas to be near Toni’s family, but the 2008 job market did not cooperate. Marvin accepted a position at MacDill AFB and thus her arrival to the Greater Tampa area. Toni always said, “If I can’t go home I suppose ‘Vacationland’ will do”. 

Toni, once again, relocated her real estate business but this time required new state licensing. Real Estate is a localized animal – so in 2011, Toni started from ‘scratch’ learning how to be a Real Estate Agent in Florida. She had the basics down after a decade in the business. But, there were terms foreign to her like CDD fees, HOA fees, and Short Sales. These were not common (or flat-out didn’t exist) in her Texas markets. Toni was faced with another difficulty in Florida – her beloved and well respected military spouses were not here. Thus, her ‘team’ was only her. Toni tried hiring assistants but it just wasn’t the same. It was hard to find a person with the professionalism and passion that matched her own. 

In 2013 something amazing happened…

Toni met Selena Stamm in 2013. The two quickly hit it off and found they had similar business styles, backgrounds, and goals. Selena, whose Husband is Active Duty Marines, had faced deployments and PCSing just as Toni had. It was a match made in real estate heaven. So, the GoToni Team retired and in its place the Hedstrom & Stamm Home Solutions, LLC partnership was born. Toni couldn’t be happier. 

Hedstrom & Stamm Home Solutions, LLC has a specific goal – to redefine service as it pertains to Real Estate, both for Buyer and for Seller Clients. The partners have established the “Home Ready Program” which takes home-selling to a new level. Combining home staging and design, the Home Ready Program has helped many homeowners earn more on the sale of their homes and has helped to sell homes more quickly. “We simply can’t put a sign in the yard and forget it….we must take it further, try harder, work smarter”, says Toni. 

The ‘Home Ready’, full-service real estate model may be new but the girls are confident in the benefits of the program for sellers. 



About Toni Hedstrom

I am one half of Hedstrom & Stamm Home Solutions, a dynamic real estate team with emphasis on home marketing utilizing our exclusive Home Ready Program.