What’s the Difference Between a VA Inspection and a Property Inspection?

There is a Big Difference!

Many times a VA Appraisal is referred to as a VA Inspection. This is an unfortunate play on words and has created a misconception about the VA Inspection. The VA Inspection is the same as an appraisal. The Appraiser must check a specific criteria of items, but they do not inspect the integrity of the home’s mechanics like a licensed property inspector does.

An appraiser, whether a VA Appraiser or Conventional Appraiser has the main purpose of establishing value of the property. They may notate an obvious detriment to the property (such as a caved in ceiling, or missing windows) and call them ‘lender required repairs‘. However, they do not seek to inspect.

Lender Required Repairs

If an Appraiser deems an item a Lender Required Repair, this means the repair must be made and the appraiser must return to confirm the repair before the lender will loan the money for the home. In many cases where a professional property inspection has been done, the buyer, seller, and agents are already aware of items that are likely to be deemed lender required repairs thus eliminating a ‘last minute’ hold up on the loan.

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