Why Should I Hire Toni to Manage my Short Sale?

My Beliefs

Through my experience as a real estate agent I have experienced first hand the up market of pre-2007 and the down market of post 2008. I, as a homeowner, faced the reality of selling my home in a down market when my Husband retired from the Military and we were forced to move for employment. It was a painful experience.

Short sales are the key to correcting the real estate market. Unlike foreclosures, which drive the market downward, short sales are priced and sold for a current market value and are, in most cases, occupied and maintained by the homeowner until sold, unlike foreclosures that look like abandoned death traps.

I have the utmost respect for homeowners who are willing to consider a short sale versus a foreclosure. It is the right thing to do.

My Assets

Managing short sales require administrative and organizational skills of which I excel at both. Maintaining a successful and well balanced management system is absolutely crucial to the success of any short sale transaction. Gathering information and documentation without any risk of missing a step is the only way you can expect to close on a short sale.

Negotiating skills along with patience and tenacity are required as well. I commit to continued education in order to maintain a fresh perspective on short sales and how they operate. In many instances, it is important the agent know the short sale process even better than the bank’s loss mitigator and for the agent to not be afraid to protest an action by the bank if required. The only way to do this is to maintain a level of in depth knowledge about the about short sales and how they operate.

My Commitment

As your real estate expert, I will explore every opportunity to ensure the best possible outcome for your situation. I will treat you with compassion because I understand what you are going through. I will give you the respect you deserve for doing the responsible thing. And, I will be there to assure you that a time will come when your current financial troubles have past and it is my pledge to help you get there.

Short Sale Information Request

Do you have a question and need a no pressure answer? If so, simply send along a question or concern and I will be happy to address it for you.
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